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Bootmen is an Australian feature film released in 2000...

Australian Tap sensation Dein Perry creator of the Tap Dogs directed and choreographed his first feature film, Bootmen. The film was financed by the Australian Film Finance Corporation and Fox Searchlight and distributed by Twentieth Century Fox. Bootmen was released in October 2000 and received 5 AFI awards.

Bootmen was director: Dein Perry, producer: Hilary Linstead (Dein Perry's Manager), screenplay: Steve Worland, cinematography: Steve Mason, music: Cezary Skubiszewski, editor: Jane Moran, art director: John Rohde, set decorator: Lea Worth, casting: Christine King, special effects: David Trethewey, costumes : Tess Schofield  and production design: Murray Picknett.

The film opened in Australia and rated 3rd in the top 20 Most Popular Films for that week, in its first week of  screening, already making $674, 893 ( After just 9 weeks in the top 20 favourite films, Bootmen had taken a total of $2,630,530. Fox Home Entertainment released Bootmen on video.

The screenplay, written by Steve Worland, was adapted from a story that was created as a collaborative effort between Dein Perry and Hilary Linstead. After extensive work on the script, Fox Searchlight, and the Australian Film Finance Corporation provided the necessary funding for the project. Bootmen was co-produced by Antonia Barnard with Dein Perry taking on the role of Executive producer. The film was shot on location in Sydney and Newcastle.

Cast of Bootmen include: Adam Garcia: Sean, Sophie Lee: Linda, Sam Worthington: Mitchell, William Zappa: Walter, Richard Carter: Gary, Susie Porter: Sara, Anthony Hayes: Huey, Christopher Horsey: Angus, Andrew Kaluski: Colin, Matt Lee: Johnno, Lee McDonald: Derrick, Bruce Venables:  Williams, Vaughan Sheffield: Young Sean, Christian Patterson: Young Mitchell, Lisa Perry: Sean and Mitchell's Mother, Justine Clarke: Kim, Andrew Doyle: Gerard Ball, Craig Anderson: Huey's Mate, Jonno Zissler: Huey's Mate, Harry Dakanalis: Footy Player, Dein Perry: Anthony Ford, Kelly Aykers: Anthony Ford's Girlfriend, Reid Perry: Mitch Jr. and Gateshead Rugby Club: Football Team. Ian Sandercoe: member of Sandercoe Pub Band, Paul Elliot: member of Sandercoe Pub Band, David Carter: member of Sandercoe Pub Band, Craig Lancaster: member of Sandercoe Pub Band. (Two songs from Ian Sandercoe’s Earthday album appear in Bootmen titled Freebound and Preacher.

Awards for Bootmen:
Australian Cinematographers Society (2001):
Award of Distinction (awarded to Feature Productions Cinema - Steve Mason)
Australian Film Institute (AFI) (2000):
Best Achievement in Cinematography: Steve Mason
Best Achievement in Costume Design: Tess Schofield
Best Achievement in Production Design: Murray Picknett
Best Achievement in Sound: David Lee, Laurence Maddy, Andrew Plain, Ian McLoughlin
Best Original Music Score: Cezary Skubiszewski
Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards (FCCA) (2001):
Best Cinematography: Steve Mason
Best Editing: Jane Moran
Best Music Score: Cezary Skubiszewski (tied with Edmund Choi for The Dish (2000)).

Award nominations for Bootmen:
Australian Film Institute (AFI) (2000):
Best Achievement in Editing: Jane Moran
Best Film: Hilary Linstead
Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role: Sam Worthington

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Bootmen directed by Dein Perry